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Why Sewer Drain Cleaning Is Vital to Prevent Back-Ups

How to Deal With a Drain Back-Up

Many of our clients in Denham Springs, LA ask us how they could have prevented a sewer drain back-up? Which prompted us to write our Joey Grant's Plumbing Sewer & Drain Repair post on the importance of sewer drain cleaning and maintenance.

A sewer backup usually occurs when the likes of hair, grease, and foreign objects block drains, or when heavy rains flood sanitary sewer lines. When this happens, it needs immediate attention in order to relieve the backup, and all water usage needs to be stopped until the problem is resolved. Most clogged drains will need to be opened by a professional, however, when dealing with a backup caused by storm water, this needs to be left to subside over time. When sewer backups occur, overflowing drains can result in interior surfaces to become contaminated with hazardous bacteria and viruses. Contaminated surfaces like bathtubs and tile floors can be sanitized easily, unfortunately, carpets and walls may need to be cleaned or replaced by professionals.

Sewer backups, as mentioned above, will often occur when hair, grease, and other waste builds up inside drain pipes. Tree roots will often smash through sewer drainpipes and clog them. Foreign objects like diapers and sanitary napkins will often become trapped in drainage pipes and result in a sewer backup. Sewer lines can also be crushed by heavy vehicles being constantly driven over them.

Immediate attention is needed when a sewer backup occurs, and the source of the backup must be identified and all water usage stopped until the problem is sorted out. DIY remedies such as plungers and liquid drain cleaners are not effective when a total backup has occurred. Meaning a professional sewer drain cleaning service will need to be brought in.

To prevent most of the above from happening, do not through the likes of diapers and sanitary napkins down toilets. Any hair or grease should be disposed of or removed from the sink. And draw up a plan to flush out your drains on a regular basis.

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