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4 Common Leak Detection Methods

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There are a lot of leak detection methods today, but the most common ones are listed below. If you’re looking for a guaranteed way to spot leaks, you can rely on these methods. Let your water leak detection contractor know about them.

Using Soap

If you notice some leaks on your property, the first thing you have to do is check your pipes. You can use soapy water by reconnecting some pipes. This can help you spot leaks in the walls, pipes, or even the roof. If you have leaks in your roof, the soapy water may not reach your attic so the whole thing will have to be checked.

Using a Metal Detector

Metal detectors can be used to detect leaks. You should use a special one when you’re looking for leaks in your underground pipes. If you use this method, you should place a pipe bib on the end of the pipe, and then start the pipe’s water supply. If the pipe bib starts to jiggle, that means there’s a leak.

Using pH Tester

The pH test is a reliable way to detect the presence of leaks. You can use a pH tester to check the pipes on your property. If you notice any change in the pH level of your water supply, you have to have your pipes checked by a professional.

Using Sonar

You can use a sonar device to check underground pipes. You’ll need a special device that sends sound waves into the ground to identify any underground water pipes on your property. If you have leaks, you’ll hear some beats from the device. If the beats are regular and distinct, that means there’s a leak.

If you notice some leaks on your property, be sure to report the issue to a professional water leak detection contractor like Joey Grant's Plumbing Sewer & Drain Repair. We are in Denham Springs, LA, and we offer top-notch detection services to our customers. To know more about our reliable solutions, call us at (225) 217-6008.

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